The puppy

The puppy The puppy called girls the Friend.

The puppy sat on a sofa and looked at girls.

Distribution of offers.

The game Add the Word with transfer of a ball.

The logopedist suggests children to remember the offer for example: Little puppy.


Someone from children has to repeat it and make the new offer, having added to initial any suitable word.

If the child coped with a task, he gives a ball to the following child.

, Etc.

At difficulties the logopedist helps the directing prompting question or an interrogative pronoun.

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Really she was mistaken? The one who does

Really she was mistaken? The one who does HOW?



I nearly fell to a floor.

Here so!

But Anna Mamedovna Anna Mamedovna told I began to murmur.

Really she was mistaken?

The one who does not work is not mistaken!

I, the right, did not know what to answer, and here on me dawned: Perhaps you now are mistaken?

The doctor puzzly looked at me: I am not mistaken.

Want, we will argue for hundred dollars?

No, well at at To argue with the doctor on money concerning a sex of my child I reasonably counted as the complete nonsense.

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It the most

It the most This uniting beginning is perfect.

It the most important that in us is.

If we look at people as on separate buttons of different flowers and forms, we will feel very lonely and separate.

But if we remember that all of us are connected by one spiritual thread, we will feel the proximity with other people.

And then we will simply not look at appearance of the person any more, but we will try to open for ourselves the most intimate, finest properties of his soul.

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But even

But even Children and too many parents often believe that it is possible to resist to hooliganism only in one way a fight.

But even the decision Godfrey StolknisKacheley was not the only thing.

Eventually, if hooliganism starts causing serious forms of fear and nervousness, you need to interfere.

It is not obligatory for you to go on a schoolyard at all, but you can be convinced that the teacher, the director and the psychologist of school is aware of a problem.

The school now treats a hooliganism problem more seriously, than it was in our stay, and, most likely, will take measures.

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Means if you promised

Means if you promised It … It, when not the truth.

he consulted.

Means if you promised not to be capricious, and itself you are capricious, so you with mother deceive us.

You understood it?

I asked.

He thought a moment.

Then his eyes lit up understanding Yes, I understood.

Well, I will not be capricious.

So in his consciousness there was an anchor for which we can hook on the requests now and conduct negotiations on the basis of understanding.

AND NOW THEY WENT TO SCHOOL … Children with normal dynamics have developments age from six to eleven years the gold period.

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After so many

After so many What is the years of desperate attempts to give rise irrevocably consigned to the past.

That them with Mischa life found new sense, and that it already forever.

After so many years of infinite campaigns on doctors validly it was impossible to believe in it.

Lana was afraid to rejoice, was afraid to plunge into a condition of euphoria, was afraid to exult.

She needed almost half a year up to the end to believe in the birth of own child and to DARE to feel longawaited happiness.

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And I will

And I will But already through a twothree of hours with horror understood: long on this imperial bed I will not stretch.

And I will need courage of all superheroes of the Universe to sustain torture by idleness.

And it became absolutely bad to me when instead of a zazharisty stake I took out a lowfat smetanka from the refrigerator and, being distressed over the unenviable share, ate it with the hlebushky.

Probably, the way of life prescribed me was not such a necessary measure.

The diagnosis threat of an abortion is made now nearly to every first pregnant woman.

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